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McMichael & Associates at times has positions available for farm staff including:

  • managers
  • overseers
  • station hands
  • plant operators
  • jackaroos/jillaroos.

Our in-depth knowledge of both the rural industry and our clients helps ensure that the right person for the job is selected.

We can help both employers with vacant positions and employees seeking career planning advice.

For employers, we will:

  • determine your needs
  • agree on an appropriate salary & conditions
  • consult our database
  • advertise in selected media if necessary
  • screen applicants, & with your input, compile a short list for interview
  • arrange & conduct interviews with your participation
  • assist in selecting & offering the right contract to the right applicant
  • mentor your new employee during the probation period.

For employees, we will:

  • determine your needs
  • consult our networks to find a suitable position
  • assist in selecting & negotiating the right contract for you
  • maintain your information in our systems
  • advise in career planning.

Get in touch with us so that we can determine how best to meet your needs - whether you wish to fill a vacancy in your agricultural business or are seeking a new position for yourself.


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