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Investment and Management in Australian Agriculture

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The key to the success of McMichael & Associates and its client base is the employment of people who have a practical and realistic view of agriculture. It is a prerequisite that before joining the company, all McMichael & Associates staff have gained “hands on” physical experience combined with broad farm management expertise. All staff have toured rural operations widely not only in Australia but in New Zealand, Africa, Europe, Japan and the Americas.

Jim Symon
Jim Symon
Managing Director, Albury NSW

Jim is directly responsible for the ongoing management of a number of large scale mixed farming properties in southern NSW and Victoria. Prior to joining McMichael & Associates, he had 15 years of practical experience with successful grazing and cropping enterprises across southern Australia. This included managing one of the largest and most progressive merino sheep and Angus cattle seed stock operations in eastern Australia.

Jason Southwell
Jason Southwell
Director, Orange NSW

Jason gained a degree in agricultural science and later worked at a highly regarded seed stock operation in eastern Australia. He is responsible for the management of mixed farming properties in central NSW and the Riverina. Jason has particular expertise in the sheep industry, consulting regularly for prominent merino and dohne stud operations and classing a number of stud flocks. He has led tours to South Africa, reviewing sheep operations there.

Neville McMichael
Neville McMichael
Bathurst, NSW

Neville has worked in large scale modern agricultural management on behalf of high profile Australian and overseas investors since the early 1970s. These businesses have encompassed most animal enterprises, feedlots and cropping operations. He has also consulted extensively with major financial institutions in restructuring and mediation of existing agricultural operations; and appeared as an 'expert witness' in legal matters relating to agriculture.

Administration Support

Our valuable team provides support services to both our management team and client base and is located at Bathurst and Albury. See Our Services for more details.

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© Copyright McMichael & Associates 2021
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