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Investment and Management in Australian Agriculture

Australian Agricultural Management

McMichael & Associates is a progressive agricultural property management company that provides services to private individuals, corporate and overseas investors.

Operations of McMichael & Associates' clients have a combined value of over A$450M, encompassing in excess of 100,000 hectares and including 100,000 breeding ewes (both sheep meat and wool), 15,000 beef breeding cows and producing over 50,000 tonnes of grain annually.

McMichael and Associates

McMichael & Associates drive for sustainable business growth by combining proven financial, practical and realistic management whilst maintaining the clients' business assets to a high standard.

The company was established in 1994 through the amalgamation of the successful agricultural management companies, McMichael & Company, and McMichael Litchfield. These separate businesses were established in the 1980s by Neville McMichael and Ian McMichael respectively.

Confidentiality, integrity, independence and high business ethics are the core values on which the business is built.

McMichael & Associates' prestigious portfolio of clients rely on these qualities to provide the best possible individual advice and support for their agricultural business.

© Copyright McMichael & Associates 2021. ABN 11 101 053 767

© Copyright McMichael & Associates 2021
ABN 11 101 053 767