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Investment and Management in Australian Agriculture

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Property Management

The core of the business of McMichael & Associates, property management generally is undertaken either on behalf of:

  • A city based, overseas or corporate investor who wishes to make an initial investment into agriculture or wants to expand his/her existing agricultural business
  • An existing landowner who wishes to retain ownership of his/her rural asset but who wishes to stand aside from the day-to-day running of the operation.
For a 'start up' investment, McMichael & Associates is generally required to:

  • Complete a thorough due diligence on potential purchases for investors
  • Provide assistance in purchasing the right asset at the best price
  • From this point McMichael & Associates will set up the entire operation, source suitable staff and put in place well proven management systems.
In the initial stages, whether it be a 'start up' or existing operation, an important role is the streamlining of reporting and financial control systems to meet the requirements of the investor, and his/her existing accounting and financial protocols.

On an ongoing basis, McMichael & Associates would manage on behalf of the owners:

  • All the day-to-day farm management
  • Work with existing staff
  • Review Occupational Health and Safety and farm reporting
  • Undertake financial control and book keeping according to client requirements.
When first retained, and then on an annual basis, McMichael & Associates would also complete a critical evaluation of the operation to ensure its optimal and sustainable performance.

In all instances, the development of long term plans backed by thorough annual budgeting, and regular budget and farm production reviews, are vital. Good communication between all parties is pivotal for ongoing success and client satisfaction.

As every business is unique, the details of management agreements are flexible to accommodate those circumstances. Clients agree on a billing cycle, whether it be on an irregular fee for service, monthly or quarterly basis.

The long term relationship developed with many clients is testament to the success of this strategy.

Advisory Services

McMichael & Associates provides an advisory service to farming businesses which ranges from one off specified jobs to regular farm visits throughout the year. Services include:
  • Undertaking a farm business review
  • Long term business planning
  • Annual budgeting and planning
  • Farm business structures
  • Occupational Health and Safety advice.

Other Services

  • Book keeping; administrative and secretarial support
  • Sheep and beef cattle classing
  • Expert witness advice for legal proceedings
  • Information about a range of current issues, eg compliance, OH&S, award wages and conditions.

Advisory and Other Services work is generally done on a fee for services hourly rate or an annual fee.

© Copyright McMichael & Associates 2021. ABN 11 101 053 767

© Copyright McMichael & Associates 2021
ABN 11 101 053 767